Workshops for 2nd PNDS International Conference 2022 

Sr. No Title of Workshop Facilitator
1 Carbohydrate counting: An ultimate meal planning tool for DM management Tasnim Z. Ali RDN (USA)
2 Tools for Research Methodology Dr Khalid Iqbal(KMU)
3 Intermittent fasting; A targeted approach in precision nutrition Falak Zaib(NUMS)
4 The Research Consortium for School Health and Nutrition – the “8000 days” and the need for greater focus beyond the 1000 days. Professor Don Bundy (Professor of Epidemiology and Development Director of the Global Research Consortium for School Health and Nutrition, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) UK
5 Identification and Management of Severely Malnourished Children under 5 years of age Yumna Sadiq,Mishbah Kamran,Rutaab Rehman Khan(Indus Hospital)
6  Undertaking a Systematic review to inform practice Dr Beenish Israr(University of Agriculture, Faisalabad) & Prof. Basma Elahi(University of Chester,UK)
7 Managing Nutrition in Organ Failure:  A Case Based Approach  Ainsely Malone(ASPEN)
8 Managing body composition for Athletes and Active individuals — Mohammad Saad (RD, UK, Sports Nutritionist, Bahrain)

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