The Executive Committee (EC) consisted of nine elected members. All of them work as honorary for the Society towards achieving the objectives of PNDS. For more information about the working of the Executive Committee

The affairs and business of the PNDS is conducted and managed by the Executive Committee (EC). The rules and regulations and any amendments thereof are made by the PNDS with a majority of vote by those present at the Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM). The Executive Committee has nine members elected by the general body once every two years. Office Bearers are decided by the consensus of Executive Committee members. They may not serve for more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position but can be re-elected after a break. The Executive Committee has the right to co-opt ex officio members.

Executive Commettee

Ghazala Pervaiz Zaman, PNDS Lahore Chapter In-charge ( since 2014)

Professor & HOD, Food and Nutrition Department,
College of Home Economics Lahore

Dr. Rezzan Khan, PNDS Islamabad Chapter Incharge (Since 2015)

Consultant Nutritionist
Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad

Dr. Beenish Israr, PNDS Faisalabad Chapter

Ph.D., Nutrition(UK), Post Doc(South Korea)
Asst.Prof University of Agriculture, Faisalabad