Registration/RDN Certification needs to be renewed every two years in continuity after passing the exam.It can be renewed at the end of two years through;
⦁ Earning 15 credit hours within 2 years through attending various Continuous Nutrition Education Activities

(Members need to earn at least 8 out of 15 credits through PNDS activities)
⦁ Reappearing for the exam










Keep a record of the PNDS activities you attend. Make sure you have proof of attendance. For NON- PNDS activities the best approach would be to get credits assigned prior to attending the activity whenever possible. RDs must submit the details of the activity with proof of participation, Credits will be assigned by the Registration Committee based on the information submitted.

⦁ The Registration Committee is the final authority for allocating credits
⦁ Once you receive the credits assigned, keep them to maintain the record.
⦁ Only enter the events for which you have proof of attendance.
⦁ Keep the renewal record ready at least a month before the renewal of certification is due.