Continuous Nutrition Education (CNE) Seminars and webinars

CNE sessions and webinars are regular feature of PNDS activities and held every month organized by all Chapters of PNDS. The aim of continuing nutrition education seminars is to update the members on latest evidence based scientific developments on clinical nutrition, dietetics, food science, public health and other relevant areas for professional development.

Anybody who has an interest in the field of nutrition can attend/participate. Registration is mandatory prior to the sessions. Pre-reading material is emailed to members, a week before the session so that participant can come well prepared for the session. Qualifying the post-session quiz & CNE participation of 1 hour is equivalent to 1 credit hour issued in the form of certificate of participation.

Pnds appreciates Nestle Health Sciences Nutrition Division for supporting CNE sessions since beginning on a regular basis and Getz Pharma for supporting the Webinars during 2020-2021