Regular Membership:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Regular or Regular Life membership is available to any person who meets one or more of the following qualifications:
  • BSc/MSc/4 Years BS-Home Economics with specialization in Food & Nutrition and Dietetics or degree in Human nutrition to be equivalent to HEC approved BS-HE in Food & Nutrition and Dietetics & assessed by PNDS

Documents Checklist:

Minimum Graduate degree and Master’s degree attested by HEC (Clear scanned stamped copy by HEC + Academic Transcripts/marksheets (all combined in one pdf file)

Fee payment proof to be attached once membership application is approved.

Fee Payment:

Regular Membership Annual Fee: 2500 PKR   

Life Time Regular Membership Fee: 25,000 PKR    


Associate/Affiliate Membership

Eligibility Criteria: Any person interested in nutrition and who meets one or more of the following qualifications & Practice in a wide variety of fields related to

    • All health /Allied Health professionals including MBBS or others with further qualifications in nutrition and dietetics (degree/ diploma / certificate). Health care physicians/Surgeons, pharmacists, Nurses, physiotherapists etc
    • An academic background other than Nutrition, plus value added degree for example a graduate degree in public health /Food Science and Technology/Biochemistry /Food Sciences and then having MS or MPhil in nutrition and public health as research degrees.
    •  Food safety/Quality assurance officers, Culinary Experts
    • Wellness Instructors/Coaches Sports and fitness, wellness coaches/instructors
  • Public health professionals,managers etc


Fee Payment: 

Associate/Affiliate Member Annual Fee: 2500 PKR/ Year    

Life Associate/Affiliate Member: 25,000 PKR (LifeTime)    


 Student Membership:

Eligibility Criteria: Any person who meets one or more of the following qualifications:

The PNDS’s membership category for pre-professionals enrolled in (or stating their intent to enroll in) an approved human nutrition/dietetics education program, Students of home economics.

OR   Minimum 10 years of schooling. Students of home economics, nutrition, public health, medicine, nursing and other allied health Professions.

Documents Required: Current student ID Card

Fee Payment: 1500 PKR/year

If  taken for 2 years then 10% discount on total price

If taken for 4 Years then 20% discount on total price


 International Membership:

Is for the Individuals who have completed or completing formal training in food, nutrition or dietetics received outside Pakistan or those who have moved abroad from Pakistan and want to join/continue their membership with the society for initiating professional practice in another country. The PNDS’s International category extends membership worldwide, providing networking for food and nutrition professionals and students in any area of practice, wherever they live.

International Regular Member Fees:  150 US Dollars (converted into PKR)

International Student Member Annual Fee: 50 Dollars (converted into PKR)

(Valid for undergrad students)


Patron Membership for Companies/Organization or Individuals:   

Any individual, company, or society that wishes to support the aims and objectives of the PNDS

 Documents Required to be Submitted on portal combined in one pdf.

  • Resolution (Identify the name of board member authorized by company)
    · NTN certificate with #
    · List of board of directors
    · Form A SSEP (annual filing)

Fee: Fee to be decided by the membership committee & Executive Committee.

Minimum Fee: Starting from 50,000 PKR yearly

Benefits of being a PNDS member ( This can be added in the extended page of membership categories to know more about membership

Members can take advantage of the valued benefits as given below:

 Benefits of Regular Membership

  • Vote at all general and extra-ordinary meetings.  
  • Propose and second candidates for EC
  • Propose and second any resolution
  • Eligible for all offices after being duly elected
  • Be co-opted as an ex- officio member of the Executive Committee.
  • Chapter heads can Co-opt members in their chapter committee.
  • Attend lectures, demonstrations and discussions of academic nature organized by the PNDS.
  • Receive publications of PNDS free of cost or on such discounted rates as the PNDS may fix from time to time.
  • Chapter heads can Co-opt affiliate members in their subcommittees

Associates/affiliate members have access to extensive benefits, including the Evidence Analysis Library, networking opportunities and preferred pricing on resources and conferences.

Benefits of Student Membership:

  • Attend lectures, Conferences, Events, demonstrations and discussions of academic nature organized by the PNDS on discounted rates.
  • Receive Publications /Subscriptions (Link and access to professional resources on nominal rates exclusive for PNDS members)/Information
  • Opportunity to become sub-committee member or lead of student members group

Student category members enjoy reduced dues while gaining access to the vast majority of benefits Active members enjoy, including career resources/professional networking.


Benefits for International Regular Members:

  • Vote at all general and extra-ordinary meetings.
  •  Propose and second candidates for EC
  •  Propose and second any resolution
  •  Become sub-committee member
  • Receive publications/information/subscriptions for professional resources free of cost or on such discounted rates as PNDS may fix from time to time.

Benefits & Rights of Patron Members:

  • To attend lectures, demonstrations, and discussions of academic nature organized by the PNDS
  • Patron members will be acknowledged publicly for their support of any PNDS activity however, they will not interfere in the planning of activities.
  • Can attend / participate/collaborate/support in programs/activities organized by PNDS.                                                                                                                                                   


International Verification /Good standing certificate Process:

Professional standing letters can be issued to Regular/Regular Life Members/International Regular life if they are member in Good Standing for minimum 6 months to 1 Year. documents must be submitted via email along with the undertaking signed by the member/RDN.

Email on info@pnds.org with proper subject line for any International verification/Good standing certificate issuance.

1. Purpose statement for the issuance of Good Standing certificate with required authority address
2. Copy of valid CNIC
3. Passport size photo graph
4. Copy of Membership certificate & valid RD certificate
5. Scanned copy of visa or application of foreign authority
6. Undertaking

After submission of the above documents and receiving approval, pay the verification fees/Good
Standing Certificate fees to PNDS account. Processing time is 1-2 weeks for the issuance of
letter/certificate by General Sect. of society.

Overseas/International: Members residing out of Pakistan, have to apply for or update their existing membership to International membership in order to receive any PNDS certification/verification. If the validity of RDN Certification is less than 3 months, an application for renewal of Certification should be submitted via email along with this application.

Good Standing Certificate Issuance/RDN issuance or Renewal fee:
Rs.2000/= (for Pakistani residents)
25 USD converted into PKR (for overseas) for any certificate renewal or issuance.
Validity of certificate is one year from the date of issuance. RDN Renewal validity is 2 years from the date of issuance.
RDN Renewal Fee: Rs.2000 for Regular/Regular Life members
25 USD for International Regular Members(converted into Pkr)

Document Required for International Verification