Conference Group Registration

    Candidate name applying for group membership

  • Group of Minimum 5

  • Upload a file with group member's details. Full Name, Institute/University/workplace complete address and contact email id/whatsApp number of each participant. The full name mentioned on form can not be changed later on certificates
  • Provide no. of group members



Important Notes about Conference Registration: 

  • Registration fee is for conference program including breakfast session, plenary and scientific sessions, panel discussions and inaugural dinner with lunch/tea/snacks(for the all conference days).
  • Workshop fees to be paid in addition.
  • PNDS members must have membership valid till June 2022 to be eligible for member’s discounted rates.
  • Only undergraduate students are eligible to apply as students & have to provide proof of their student ID card to be eligible for the reduced rates.
  • Few registrations (waivers) are available to unemployed/ PNDS student members. To be considered for fee waiver, applicants need to write few lines stating the reason for waiver and how they can benefit professionally by attending the symposium.
  • Onsite registration will be available for limited number of participants.
Categories of Registration
Early Bird (Closed on 30th Sep 2021)
Fees to be paid after 1st Feb 2022

Group registration Deadline:20th Feb ‘2020

On Site-Registration

may be available for limited participants only

PNDS Members
Single member (Regular/Associate) 4000 PKR 4500 PKR 5000 PKR
Group of Min.5- 3500 PKR 4000 PKR Not available
Non-Member  5000 PKR 5500 PKR 6000 PKR
PNDS Student Member, Individual 2500 PKR 3000 PKR 4000 PKR
PNDS Student’s Group (Min.10) 2000 PKR 2500 PKR Not available
Non-Member Student Individual

Non-Member student Group

3000 PKR 3500 PKR

3000 PKR

4000 PKR/Individual
International Delegate 200 USD 250 USD 300 USD
International Student 50 US Dollars 65 US Dollars 75 US Dollars
International Student Group (Min. 10) 35 US Dollars 45 US Dollars Not available
Workshop Fee  – 1000 PKR (member)
1500 PKR (non-member)              500 PKR (student member)        800 PKR (Student non-member)
1500 (members)
2000 (non-member) 800(student member) 1200(student non-member)

PNDS Account Details for Fee payment:


AKU Branch Karachi (0024)


ACCOUNT No.:20000057418

ACCOUNT TYPE: PKR Current Deposit

IBAN No.: PK15SONE0002420000057418