A Professional Society, Running On A Purely Non-Profit ,Non-Commercial Basis

Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) was founded and registered in 2003 as a professional society with an aim to represent, promote and advance the science and profession of nutrition. PNDS is a non-profit Society being run by a voluntary group of Nutrition Professionals. The society strives to achieve better nutritional status for the population in Pakistan.



The society strives to achieve better nutritional status for the population in Pakistan.

  • To promote the development of the dietetic and nutrition profession, by keeping abreast with the knowledge in the area of dietetics and nutrition and by providing a platform for collective action as a profession.

  • To provide a consultative forum to the Government of Pakistan (GOP) on matters of policy and future planning for nutrition programs and dietary guidelines for the Pakistani population.

  • To advise on suitable courses for the training of dietitians and nutritionists and provide continuing education courses to professionals in the field

  • To participate in the formation and continuing revision of education standards for eligibility to practice as Dietitians and Nutritionists

  • To set up national and international collaboration for nutrition and dietetic research and educational activities in Pakistan and the region.

  • To form strategic alliances and associations with like-minded organizations to promote knowledge and awareness of diet and nutrition across Pakistan

Our Mission

PNDS will provide a platform for collective action through educated, skilled and trained professionals who will assume consultative and leadership roles in academia, health-related institutions, and corporate sectors. This shall be achieved through capacity building and accreditation of professionals in nutrition; networking and partnership with the government, national and international institutions; public awareness; and advocacy.

Our Values

PNDS espouses the core values of integrity, quality, inclusiveness, freedom of expression, respect for all, and ethical practice in everything it does.

Our Vision

PNDS is a National Professional Society that aims to develop and strengthen the profession of Nutrition and Dietetics. PNDS targets to achieve this through education, training, and research in order to promote the nutritional well-being of the Pakistani Population.

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International Affiliations

Asian Federation Of Dietetic Association (AFDA)

Asian Federation of Dietetics Associations (AFDA) was formed in 1990 as a means to support and advance the profession of dietetics in Asia. AFDA activities align with ICDA objectives such as studies of the work and education of Dietitians and Nutritionists and raising the standards of education and the profile of Dietitians and Nutritionists in the region. The Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations hosts a congress every four years, providing more opportunities, between the International Congress of Dietetics, for Dietitians and Nutritionists to exchange knowledge and perspectives about dietetics education and practice and providing a venue for ICDA representatives to meet with leaders of the dietetics profession in Asia.

International Confederation Of Dietetic Associations(ICDA)

ICDA is an Association of national dietetic associations. Together, the Members represent about 150,000 dietetics professionals around the world.In November 2010, PNDS was also approved to represent Pakistan as a professional body in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics by ICDA.

ICDA is widely recognized as the international organization for dietetics professionals with national dietetic association Members in over 40 countries. Dietetics associations are professional societies whose members have education qualifications in food, nutrition, and dietetics recognized by a national authority. Dietitians and Nutritionists are widely recognized as health professionals who promote health through food and nutrition.

The Nutrition Society
(UK & Ireland)

In November 2013, Trustees of the Nutrition Society (UK & Ireland) have signed an MOU with PNDS and look forward to working closer together in the future.

The Nutrition Society is the largest learned society for nutrition in Europe and the Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society is the foremost society for nutrition science in Pakistan. Together, they announce a joint initiative for improved understanding and co-operation between the two Societies in nutritional matters of common interest and concern on an equal and reciprocal basis.

Areas of co-operation will be explored potentially including exchange visits of speakers at Society conferences, exchange of Society information and announcements, joint meetings, international co-study, scientist exchanges, joint funding opportunities and enhanced research collaboration and publications.

American Society for
Nutrition (ASN)

In Sept 2013 ASN collaborated with PNDS on education, training, and capacity-building activities.

American Society for Nutrition(ASN) was founded in 1928 as the American Institute for Nutrition. Today, the Society encompasses both research and clinical focuses and is building upon its rich 80-year history. In 2005, the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, the American Society for Nutritional Sciences (formerly the American Institute for Nutrition) and the Society for International Nutrition merged to form ASN.